Air Sensor Lab

The Westervelt group is also the Air Sensors Lab at Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. We have a small lab space at LDEO, in the Administration Building Room 106B. Here we have equipment and tools for assembling and testing small air sensors for both gases and particles. The lab is equipped with hardware and various microelectronic components such as Arduino boards, SD card readers, optical particle sensors, photoionization detectors, and other items. We also maintain a large number of commercially available sensor units, including: Alphasense, Plantower, Nova SDS, PurpleAir, Clarity, Modulair, IQAir (AirVisual), AirGradient, AirNote, and others. Finally, we have a GRIMM EDM 180 Particle sizer and reference-grade air quality monitor for lab or ambient testing. We use these for co-location studies and for developing correction factors for air sensors.

We also use the space as a staging area for field work. Pictures below. 

If you are interested in testing your sensors in our facility, please reach out to us!