Capacity building projects

We are also committed to capacity building for not only domestic stakeholders but also stakeholders in the Global South. We run multiple capacity building projects, which include: 

  • Certificate courses on air quality and climate change (Aug 2023 in Kenya, Jan 2024 in Ghana) 
  • Scholar exchange visits
  • Summer schools on air quality and climate change (Oct 2022 in Morocco)
  • Air quality sensor and forecast training (Feb 2020 in Ghana, June 2022 in Ghana)


Some key topics:

•Hands on reference monitor training for PM2.5, NOx, O3 at Kenyatta University City Campus Air Quality Supersite

•DIY Sensor building

•Chemical mass balance source apportionment training

•AQ Policy in East Africa panel discussion

•GEOHealth Kenya presentation of findings

•AirQo sensing technology demonstration

•Sensor calibration and data analysis with Python

•“Making the invisible, visible”